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Wards can be bought and placed throughout Agora. They give players and their teammates vision of enemies passing around the ward's surrounding radius for 4 minutes. Wards are located in the Shadow Plane and as such can also show people that are inside the Shadow Plane like Kallari. They can only be destroyed when vision into the Shadow Plane was available (by entering the Shadow Plane or through other Wards).

Wards grant 54.4 Gold when destroyed.

List of Wards

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Card Lamp Lighter.jpg
Card Shadow.png

Lamp Lighter

Lvl 1

Icon gold.png 300 Gold

Icon active.png Shadow WardIcon active.png Shadow Ward : Place a Shadow Ward to reveal the area. (2 charges)
Icon trait.png ConsumableIcon trait.png Consumable : Card will be consumed after use.

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Card Protective Sentry.jpg
Card Shadow.png

Protective Sentry

Lvl 1

Icon vitality.png 2
Icon intellect.png 2

Icon Mana Regen.png 84% Mana Regen
Icon active.png Armored Shadow WardIcon active.png Armored Shadow Ward : Place a shadow ward to reveal enemies, and grant +12 Basic Armor to nearby Allies. (65s cooldown) (Costs 50 Mana)

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