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Tollsunited7 Tollsunited7 18 November 2017

updating hero pages

I would like some help in updating the Hero Pages.

What needs to be done:

  • Update stats and values
  • Provide all abilities with updated icons and gifs/ogv's (still working on it)
  • Upload all screenshots of the hero's skins
  • Update changelog

Please use the Drongo page as an example.

Thank you, tollsunited7

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Tollsunited7 Tollsunited7 14 November 2017

tollsunited7's to do list

If anyone wants to help then go ahead

1. Update all Hero Portraits - Done

2. Update all Hero Pages with up to date stats, ability icons, additional notes, all skins + skin variations and changelog

3. Update all Cards with notes, formatting, Image and Stat changes with each level

4. Update the Monolith page with up to date information

5. Update all Jungle Minion pages with their locations and up to date pictures

6. Update all Mechanics pages with up to date information and additional notes

7. Update all other pages that need it

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Tollsunited7 Tollsunited7 27 July 2017

Why the wikia is outdated and why wasnt i editing much recently

Hey guys,

The wikia is pretty outdated right now, and thats for a pretty simple reason (actually 2)

1. We are currently waiting for v42 to drop so we can rework the whole wiki, update templates, pages etc. Right now it just feels like a waste of time because the info will be outdated in 2 weeks anyway

2. I was currently more focusing on my youtube and personal stuff so i couldnt really find time for the wiki

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Tollsunited7 Tollsunited7 2 June 2017

the state of the wiki right now

Hey guys,

Because i was busy this month i couldnt really find much time to take care of the wiki, however I hope next week i will motivate myself to some work in here, because as i have noticed there is a lot of stuff to do (Phase, Wukong, some other pages etc)

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Tollsunited7 Tollsunited7 7 October 2016

I'm back, sorry for a short wiki inactivity.

Hello everyone.

Recently, since last Sunday i was on a trip to Krakow and i didnt have any way to maintain the wiki.

Since i am back now and other admins seem to be busy, i will update the wiki (especially Kwang page) with correct information, and update the patch notes pages.

Sorry for the inactivity, tollsunited7

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