• New store content:
    • Alien Invader Drongo Skin
    • Kallari Emote: Martial Grace
    • Shinbi Emote: Don’t Stop Me


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Hero Portrait Drongo Drongo
      • Ability tooltip side panel now shows the radius change per level for Gag Grenage
      • Fixed a visual issue that could occur with Drongo's holster
    • Hero Portrait Riktor Riktor
      • Riplash did not line up with the player’s reticle if the camera was moving extremely fast
        • Riplash should now be accurate in targeting mode regardless of camera movement speed
    • Hero Portrait Wraith Wraith
      • Back it Up tooltip fixed


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Fixed an issue causing Godmother Vigilant to grant too much bonus health.


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Hero ability tooltips now account for additional power via itemization
    • PS4 controller users can now quickly unequip cards using the Triangle button
    • Fixed an issue caused by pressing the escape button while in the grayed out tutorial screen
      • This issue resulted in strange UI behavior
    • Daily Quests, Star Chests, and First Win of the Day now reset at 4 AM EDT rather than 22 hours after claiming the reward.


  • Loot Crate
    • Added
      • Legendary
        • Tropic Hot Rod Iggy & Scorch
        • Ruby Hot Rod Iggy & Scorch
      • Epic
        • Bronze Sky Guardian Kwang
        • Gunmetal Sky Guardian Kwang
      • Common
        • Blush Scavenger Drongo
        • Fossil Scavenger Drongo
        • Military Cobalt Steel
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