Release Notes - V.41.1 Update

  • New store content:
    • Wraith Skin: O.D. Green Wraith
    • Twinblast Emote: Just Dab It!
    • Grim.exe Emote: Perilous Hug


Hero Portrait Rampage Rampage

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Whenever Rampage died, he lost his passive regen from King of The Jungle until he leveled it up again
      • This issue is now corrected and Rampage will appropriately gain health regen whenever he is in the Jungle.

Hero Portrait Shinbi Shinbi

  • Shinbi has been re-enabled

Hero Portrait Sevarog Sevarog

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Players who had the Death Mask Sevarog skin equipped could not use the card: Blink Charm
      • Players will now be able to use Blink Charm while the Death Mask Sevarog Skin is equipped

Hero Portrait Wukong Wukong

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Corrected minor visual issues that occurred when Wukong dealt damage to structures

Hero Portrait Wraith Wraith

  • June 30 Balance Update
    • Knock, Knock! base damage from 80/130/180/230 to 92/150/207/265
    • Knock, Knock! scaling from 1.0 to 1.15
    • Base health from 500 to 540
    • Health per level from 67.4 to 72.8


  • Weekly Card Pack
    • Shepard’s Phial
    • Shockwave
    • Scourging Tails
  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Prime Cards were not previously listing primary stats
      • Prime Cards will now correctly show primary stats


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Minor visual improvements made to the Home Screen


  • Loot Crates: 41.1 Changes
    • Added
      • Legendary
        • Bronze Titanium Shellshock Gadget
        • Pearl Titanium Shellshock Gadget
        • Chrome Naming Day Greystone
        • Ultra Naming Day Greystone
      • Rare
        • Bronze Lunar Ops Wraith
        • Orchid Lunar Ops Wraith
      • Common
        • Royal Bloodgold Serath
        • Gunmetal Bloodgold Serath
        • Velvet Emperor Sevarog
        • Topaz Emperor Sevarog
    • Removed
      • Cobalt Monastic Rogue Kallari
      • Royal Monastic Rogue Kallari
      • Coral Desert Rogue Kallari
      • Alabaster Desert Rogue Kallari
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