Paragon Wiki

Release Notes - V.38.1 Update

General Changes

  • Instant Replay has been enabled!
  • This feature is on by default, but can be disabled in the settings menu.


  • Bots should no longer try to move into an active enemy tower's range while retreating.
  • Fix for Kwang-bot throwing his sword underneath the map.


All Heroes

Hero Portrait Lt. Belica.png Lt. Belica

  • Void Bomb
    • Increased Range to 1300 from 900.
  • Seismic Assault
    • Speed of ground projectile adjusted for Monolith.
      • Now moves 50% faster.
      • Activates .2 seconds faster.
  • Void Drone
    • Now reduces enemy mana regen by a percentage of max mana 2% / 3% / 4% / 5%.
  • Neural Disruptor
    • Ability now scales with card power:
      • Each point of power increases the base multiplier by 0.15%
      • Base multiplier has been reduced to 0.7 / 0.8 / 0.9 from 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2
  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Visual facial effects polish.

Hero Portrait Greystone.png Greystone

  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Greystone's Dragon Collar will now correctly show when his Ultimate is active.

Hero Portrait Howitzer.png Howitzer

  • Added “Shoot This!” emote to in-game store.

Hero Portrait Kwang.png Kwang

  • Added “Swordsman Style” emote to in-game store.

Hero Portrait Riktor.png Riktor

  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Fixed a bug where Riktor’s chain could remain visible after casting Riplash.

Hero Portrait Shinbi.png Shinbi

  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Fixed a bug in which Clearheart wasn't granting increased healing on Circle Rhythm.
    • Fix for Circle Rhythm’s audio playing when moving in from out of range
    • Fix for visual errors on her legs.

Hero Portrait Steel.png Steel

  • Shield Slam
    • Reduced range to 900 from 1500.
    • Reduced radius to 450 from 500.


  • Team Comms:
    • Fixed issues where using the “Attack Raptors” and “Attack OP” team comms did not ping their respective targets.
  • Improved FOV in resolutions with aspect ratios less than 16:9 (E.g, 4:3).
  • Loot Crates
    • Epic Mega Rare
    • Added Glacier Born Rampage skin.
    • Added Copper Beast Rampage skin.