Release Notes - V.37.2 Update

Major Features

  • Loot Crate content has been updated.
  • Carnival of Hearts skins and bundle now available in the store.


  • Improved performance for Minion Death FX.
  • Fixed issue where the health potion FX could persist under certain conditions.


  • Fixed a bug where Hero bots would not ignore minion targets when moving towards objective locations.


All Heroes

Hero Portrait Aurora Aurora

  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Glacial Charge
      • Adjusted camera positioning.
      • Fixed some issues around Glacial Charge stopping Aurora from moving after activating the ability.
      • Fix for “Ability not Ready” text appearing if you activate the ability to manually destroy ice wall.
    • Cryoseism
      • Improved FX performance.

Hero Portrait The Fey The Fey

  • Added Autumn Keeper Fey to in-game store.

Hero Portrait Gideon Gideon

  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Should no longer be allowed to use Burden in the tutorial.

Hero Portrait Kallari Kallari

  • Shadow Walk
    • Kallari should no longer be able to recall while in Shadow Walk

Hero Portrait Serath Serath

  • Added Burning Heart Serath to in-game store.

Hero Portrait Sevarog Sevarog

  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Smoothed animation for Sevarog's Hollow Praise emote.


  • Added Key bundles to the store (x3 and x10).
  • Adding HDR option to Video Settings.
  • Fix for GRIM.exe and Grux spawning partially off screen in the Draft Lobby.
  • Fix for Hero Mastery level up screen.
  • Fix for a crash when opening the card shop after dying or recalling.
  • Fix for Play button being cut off after reducing screen bounds on PS4.
  • Fixed a bug where skipping forward in a replay that has Aurora causes all player portraits to be replaced with her image.

Loot Crate Update

  • Keys can now be awarded randomly after any match.
  • Loot Crate Changes for 37.2
    • Epic Mega Rare
      • Replaced Gilded Scarab Grux with Green-Freak Murdock.
      • Replaced Onyx Scarab Grux with Blue-Freak Murdock.
    • Ultra Rare
      • Added Loot Crate Key x2.
    • Rare
      • Added Serath Mastery.
      • Added Shadow Ops TwinBlast skin.
    • Common
      • Added Char-Demon Iggy & Scorch skin.
      • Added Biohazard Belica skin.
      • Added Morning Star Serath skin.
      • Added Bloodgold Serath skin.
      • Added Meaning of Life emote.
    • Changed the substitution for Epic Mega Rare items from 2,000 Coins to 900 Coins.
    • Changed the substitution for Ultra Rare items from Rep Boosts to 700 Coins.
    • Changed the substitution for Rare items from Rep Boosts to 500 Coins.