Release Notes - V.36.1 Update


  • Fixed visual bugs associated with buff orbs.



  • Fixed various animation bugs on Heroes.

Hero Portrait Greystone Greystone

  • Reforged
    • Base damage reduced to 180/260/340 from 220/320/420.
    • Slow reduced to 550(inner)/125(outer) from 650(inner)/175(outer).
    • No longer refills Mana.
    • Fixed a bug where Reforged did not gain card scaling.
      • Now 0.75.
  • Stoic
    • Health reduced to 70/140/210/280 from 85/170/255/340.

Hero Portrait Khaimera Khaimera

  • Added “Jungle Jog” emote to in-game store.

Hero Portrait Rampage Rampage

  • Added “Meaning of Life” emote to in-game store.

Hero Portrait Serath Serath

  • Added Morning Star Serath to in-game store.

Hero Portrait Sparrow Sparrow

  • Attack speed per level to 2.8 from 0.

Hero Portrait Steel Steel

  • Shield Slam
    • Base damage reduced to 210/320/430 from 230/350/470.
    • Card scaling reduced to 0.9 from 1.2