Release Notes - V.35.1 Update

General Changes


  • Cast Converter
    • Has been temporarily removed due to an exploit.


  • Tier 2 Towers no longer have a 300% damage bonus buff while immune from damage.
  • Super Minions will now spawn after melee minions as they leave base to prevent getting focused down by incoming waves.
  • White Jungle Minions should now have death FX.
  • Green Buff no longer will cancel out of targeting when it expires.
  • Fixed a bug where the colored tower rings remain green for the remainder of the match on rejoin.
  • Fixed a bug where backdoor protection FX could disappear on rejoin.
  • Various fixes to collision, cameras collision, and geometry.


  • Bots should no longer be able to see through Fog Walls.
  • Kwang-bot should no longer throw his Judgement of the Heavens (Q/Square) to center of the map.

All Heroes

  • Fixed bug where enemies and minions could become temporarily immune to damage while a Hero was knocked back.
  • Fix for Heroes occasionally being unable to move after using jump pads.

Hero Portrait Countess Countess

  • Blade Siphon
    • Tooltip updated to reflect new percentages of health gained from kills. (2% for Minions and 10% for Heroes)

Hero Portrait Crunch Crunch

  • Right Crunch
    • Empowered Right Crunch should now have the correct name in Death Recap.

Hero Portrait Howitzer Howitzer

  • Slow Grenades
    • Decreased arc to 0.625 from 0.825
    • Decreased base damage to 60/110/160/210 from 75/135/195/255

Hero Portrait Iggy and Scorch Iggy & Scorch

  • Flame Turret
    • Increased max turret count to 1/2/2/3 from 1/1/2/3
    • Increased base damage per second to 15/28/41/54 from 12.5/22.5/32.5/42.5
  • Oil Slick
    • Decreased mana cost to 40 at all levels from 80/90/100/110

Hero Portrait Kallari Kallari

  • Shadow Walk
    • Increased mana cost to 50 at all levels from 35/40/45/50
  • Crippling Dagger
    • Increased mana cost to 35/40/45/50 from 25/30/35/40

Hero Portrait Khaimera Khaimera

  • Unleash
    • Tooltips should now display correct damage reduction per level.

Hero Portrait Kwang Kwang

  • Light of the Heavens
    • Decreased mana cost to 65 at all levels from 65/75/85/95
  • Judgement of the Heavens
    • Decreased mana cost to 70/75/80/85 from 90/100/110/120
    • Decreased cooldown to 14 at all levels from 21/18/15/12

Hero Portrait Lt. Belica Lt. Belica

  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Fix to Lt. Belica being locked out of movement if the target dies while using Neural Disruptor.
    • Belica's targeting reticle should no longer disappear after getting a kill with Neural Disruptor.

Hero Portrait Riktor Riktor

  • Riplash
    • Decreased mana cost to 110 at all levels from 120/130/140/150
  • Electrocute
    • Damage tooltip should now show the correct value.
  • Skewer
    • Decreased mana cost to 75 at all levels from 75/100/125
  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Old Saint Riktor skin should no longer have any lighting issues in the shadows.

Hero Portrait Sevarog Sevarog

  • Decreased base health to 485.6 from 526.5
  • Decreased health per level to 65.57 from 71.1
  • Siphon
    • Now grants the correct amount of damage when hitting soul stack tiers.
    • Decreased base damage to 70/85/100/115 from 70/95/120/145
  • Colossal Blow
    • Reduced mana cost to 100 at all levels from 120/80/40
    • Decreased base damage to 190/260/330 from 220/300/380

Hero Portrait The Fey The Fey

  • Bramble Patch
    • Updated slow duration on the tooltip.

Hero Portrait TwinBlast TwinBlast

  • Grenade!
    • Increased mana cost to 35/40/45/50 from 20/30/40/50
  • Rapid Fire
    • Should now deal correct damage to minions.


  • Weekly Quests Update
    • Removed reputation as a potential reward from weekly quests.
    • Now you can earn more weekly card packs.
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