Release Notes - v.29 Update 

General Changes

  • Cleave damage will no longer cause Towers and Inhibitors to target the attacker.
  • New Skins Added!


  • Fixed various clipping issues around the map.
  • Increased movement speed of jungle minions to prevent kiting.


  • Card stat changes
    • Reduced value of damage cards from a baseline of from 7.5 to 6.5.
    • Reduced value of attack speed cards from a baseline of  6.5 to 5.5.
    • Reduced value of lifesteal from a baseline of 0.04 to .025 per point.
  • Weekly Card Pack
  • Major card re-adjustment/rework
    • Shockwave
      • Removed knock-up Active.
      • New Active: Slows all enemies within 800 units by -250 movespeed for 2 seconds.
      • Cooldown reduced from 120 seconds to 45 seconds.
      • Cost reduced from 7 points to 6 points.
    • Madspore Sash/Radiant Mantle
      • Both now deal Energy Damage
      • Adjusted damage value to 15 + Player Level
      • Passive damage auras do not stack
      • Damage Aura not active during auto-sprint
    • Blink Charm
      • No longer a 5-second cooldown after taking damage.
      • Increased cooldown from 90 seconds to 180 seconds.
    • Traitor’s Touch
      • Removed Maxed Passive requirement.
      • Lifesteal reduced from 2 points to 1 point.
    • Tempus Pearl
      • Reduced movespeed buff duration from 6 seconds to 3 seconds.
    • Mending Bloom/Overflowing Gifts
      • Cooldown reduced from 120 seconds to 75 seconds.
    • Beastmaster’s Key
      • Removed Passive: 50% Damage Bonus to Jungle Minions
      • New Passive: Basic attacks deal +15 bonus damage to Jungle Minions.
    • Stalker’s Key
      • Removed Passive: 50% Damage Bonus to Jungle Minions
      • New Passive: Basic attacks on jungle minions restore 8 health.
    • Bounty Stalker
      • Increased cost from 4 points to 6 points.
      • Now only grants critical chance stacks if you hit an enemy Hero.
      • Increased max stacks from 4 to 10.
      • Increased buff duration from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.
    • Drink the Spirits
      • Reduced card cost from 6 points to 4 points.
      • Removed Maxed Passive requirement.
    • Armavore
      • Primary stat changed from Attack Speed to Energy Penetration.
      • Increased mana gained per kill from 1.5 to 7.
      • Removed Maxed Passive requirement.
    • Everglass
      • Description updated for clarity.
        • Previous Description: On hit with ability, gain +280 Max Movement Speed for 6 seconds.
        • Updated Description: For 6 seconds, on hit with ability, gain +280 Max Move Speed for 6 seconds.
  • Added HUD status effect icons for Order/Intellect Uncommon cards and Seek & Destroy.
  • Players now drop the prime orb when casting the teleport using  Portal Stone.
  • Fixed an issue where Scorpion Plate and Splinterbark Vest were not shredding the correct amount of Armor.


  • Added options and UI for selecting fullscreen mode in settings.
  • Added an option to toggle fullscreen mode with F11 in addition to Alt+Enter.
  • Back button has been added to Tutorial UI.
  • New and Beginner players should be able to select the Ready button for PvP, if the party leader has PvP unlocked and selected.
  • Weekly Quests Update
    • Specific reward for next completed objective now shown.
    • Added timer for when the next quest is available.
    • Added option to Abandon Quest.
  • Added controller shortcuts to a large number of functions.

All Heroes

  • Ranger Balance changes
    • Reduced base HP from 400 to 380.
    • Reduced base HP per level from 100 to 85.
  • Caster Balance changes
    • Increased base basic attack damage per level from 1 to 3.
  • Added a lock-on option for Heroes who use targeting modes (Muriel, Kallari and GRIM.exe).
  • Added Hero reactions when taking damage.

Hero Portrait Dekker Dekker

  • Rocket Boots
    • Allies affected by Rocket Boots’ movespeed buff now receive a status effect icon.
  • Slow Bubble
    • Now reveals enemies within Shadow Pads.

Hero Portrait Gadget Gadget

  • Sticky Mine
    • Can no longer be cancelled after the mine has been spawned.

Hero Portrait Gideon Gideon

  • Black Hole
    • Adjusted tooltips to reflect recent changes to the ability.
  • Bug Fix / Polish
    • Fixed an with Black Hole where it would cause damage without applying the pull.
    • Fixed an issue with Burden only dealing 3 ticks of damage rather than 4.
    • Fixed an issue with Black Hole that would allow auto-sprint to charge while taking damage.

Hero Portrait Greystone Greystone

  • Reforged
    • HUD now displays revive health correctly.
  • Bug Fix / Polish
    • Greystone no longer exits sprint mode when attempting to activate Reforged.
    • Fixed an issue where Greystone could be moved and take damage during Reforged.

27px Grim.exe

  • Added Firewall GRIM.exe to in-game store.
  • Displacement Blast
    • Turned off range indicator.
  • Deflector Shield
    • Now blocks Iggy & Scorch’s oil from being applied.
  • G.T.F.O
    • Can no longer be targeted on enemies that are not within direct line of sight.
  • Bug Fix / Polish
    • Correct an issue where GRIM.exe AI animation could get stuck.

Hero Portrait Grux Grux

  • Smash & Grab
    • Extended the stun duration from .125 seconds to .75 seconds.

Hero Portrait Howitzer Howitzer

  • Added Hardcase Howitzer to the in-game store.
  • R2000 Missle
    • No longer reduces the cooldown if interrupted after firing.

Hero Portrait Iggy and Scorch Iggy & Scorch

  • Bug Fix / Polish
    • Fixed an issue where Flame Belch would remain on for the entire duration even after death.

Hero Portrait Khaimera Khaimera

  • Ambush
    • Reduced cooldown from 20/19/18/17 to 17/16/15/14
  • Cull
    • Increased base damage from 200/250/300 to 320/450/580
    • Reduced card scaling of Cull from 1.5 to 1.
  • Bug Fix/Polish
    • Fixed recall animation.

Hero Portrait Murdock Murdock

  • Added Executioner Murdock to the in-game store.
  • Devastating Blast renamed to Long Arm of the Law.
  • Long Arm of the Law
    • Now correctly ignores the Energy Armor of an enemy rather than the flat 100 Energy Armor previously.

Hero Portrait Rampage Rampage

  • Enraged
    • Reduced health regen from 100/175/250 to 50/125/200.
    • Reduced duration from 15 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • Bug Fix / Polish
    • Fixed an issue where King of the Jungle could be leveled up at level 1 and 2 instead of level 1 and 3.

Hero Portrait Riktor Riktor

  • Shock Therapy
    • Now uninterruptable once cast.

Hero Portrait Sparrow Sparrow

  • Bug Fix / Polish
    • Fixed an issue where Hail of Arrows would cause an extra tick of damage to be applied.

Hero Portrait Steel Steel

  • Bug Fix / Polish
    • Fixed some interaction issues with Force Shield and other Heroes’ shields.

Hero Portrait TwinBlast TwinBlast

  • Nitro
    • Reduced duration from 6/7/8/9 to 4 seconds at all levels.
    • Reduced cooldown from 20 seconds to 18 seconds.
  • Rocket Blast
    • Reduced travel distance

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being able to enter auto-sprint when inside of Gideon’s Black Hole.
  • Fixed an issue where taller Heroes are cut off during victory cinematic
  • Fix for a crash associated with having more than expected weekly quests.
  • Fixed a bug where the Card XP bar would remain white upon respawn.
  • Fixed an issue where blue, red and black buff camps could stack to level 5 instead of the intended max of level 3.