Release Notes - V.27.1 Update

New Features and Major Changes



  • Minion spawning audio should play correctly now.


  • Updated PS4 Icon
  • Fixed an issue where the overhead healthbar was defaulted to on but the UI wasn’t fully reflecting that.


  • Adjusted LOD distance scaling based on view distance quality to reduce triangle counts farther on lowest and low settings.


  • Fixed bots getting stuck after using movement-locking abilities.
  • Fixed a bug that was forcing Level 1 player to play against more difficult bot.s
  • In Co-op/Solo vs AI, bots should now prefer to pick Heroes that have not been picked yet on the other team.

All Heroes

Hero Portrait Khaimera Khaimera

  • White Tiger Khaimera skin included in the store.

Hero Portrait Dekker Dekker

  • Slow Bubble
    • Fixed multiplicative slow that should have been additive.

Hero Portrait Sevarog Sevarog

  • Major VFX optimizations and performance improvements applied to Sevarog.

Hero Portrait Sparrow Sparrow

  • Inner Fire
    • Fixed Ability damage behaving incorrectly due to basic attack changes that were not also applied to her modified basic attack when ulted.

Hero Portrait Riktor Riktor

  • Electrocute
    • Fix for card scaling being set to scale 5 times more than intended.
    • Fix for ability sometimes applying 6 ticks of damage rather than 5.

Bug Fixes

  • Bump Juice Icon fix for 27.1
  • Weekly Pack should now read “A pack of specific cards”
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