Release Notes - V.26.1 Update


  • Weekly Card Pack
  • Better visual clarity for Deck Builder stat filters.
    • Include, Ignore, and Exclude states are more visually distinct.
    • Added a reset button to revert to default filters.

All Heroes

Hero Portrait Iggy and Scorch Iggy & Scorch

  • Fixed a bug where Iggy’s burn was not being applied if a target was oiled from Oil Trail while already taking fire damage from Flame Turrets or Flamethrower.

Hero Portrait Rampage Rampage

  • Rampage’s Pounce smash will no longer deal bonus damage vs. critically wounded targets.
    • This is intended to make the ability behave more consistently.
  • Added 100 units to his standard Pounce jump height.
    • Duration and distance remains the same but this way Rampage can clear ledges to get out of the jungle more consistently.


  • Added Bronze Warden Riktor Skin.

Bug Fixes

  • Epic Games Launcher should now open correctly when launching via the Paragon executable.
  • Bots should now path correctly while under friendly towers and while attacking enemy harvesters.
  • Visual fixes made on Death FX
  • Fix for Sparrow’s Ult reticle getting stuck on death
  • Fixed Steel always showing up as the Hero loading icon in the team lobby.