Release Notes - OT8

Primary Feature Changes or Updates

  • Surrender option now available from the in-game menu. There is an initial cooldown period before you can initiate a surrender vote (15 minutes) and a cooldown time (5 minutes) between restarting the vote should a Surrender vote fail. A successful vote needs to be greater at or greater than 70%.
  • Players can now identify opposing team’s Cards and their Upgrades on the scoreboard by hovering over the opponent’s cards.
  • Card Tooltip improvements
    • Added upgrade slots that show all information about the upgrade applied.
    • Attribute totals have a color-coded breakdown on upgraded cards.
    • “Maxed” stat has been relabeled as “Fully upgraded Bonus” and is incorporated. into the aggregate total shown for a given state.
    • Cards with activatable effects show the number of charges in the description.
  • Added short combat message explaining how buff orbs work when picking them up.
    • Blue Buff - Attack speed, cooldown reduction, and energy regen
    • Red Buff - Bonus damage
    • Black Buff - Damage over time to structures
    • Orb Prime - Deliver to drop-off point shown on mini-map

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players in the Shadow Plane to still cast a shadow in the world.
  • Fixed an issue where the death recap panel couldn’t be reopened if it had been closed during a previous death.
  • Fixed an issue where invites received while logging in would not show up on the UI.
  • Video settings UI now updates when toggling between windowed and fullscreen modes with Alt+Enter.
  • Fixed a bug causing improper scaling on the tooltip for active cards.

General Changes

  • Lane minion initial spawns were shortened so they now first clash at 1:30.
  • Jungle camp initial spawns were shortened by 30 seconds. Black Buff camp and Prime camp remain unchanged.
  • Added additional information to Death Recap log.
    • Icons will overlay enemy heroes holding an active Red Buff or Prime Card.
    • The player name of enemy heroes who contributed to your death is now shown in the death recap.
    • Damage entries are tinted red for physical damage and blue for energy damage.
    • Critical strikes will display with “!” after the damage amount.
  • The progress for loading into a match is now displayed in the Paragon taskbar in the Windows client
  • Improved texture streaming in over-committed situations to keep textures more crisp.
  • Party invites can no longer be accepted while in a party and the party leader has already initiated a ready check or matchmaking has begun.


  • Reduced the Amber payout from destroying Towers.


  • Added additional security for bad latency.
  • Fixed bug preventing the Card Shop from correctly displaying Life Steal.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to place Wards while in base.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Replay browser when refreshing the list.

All Heroes

  • Added in intro and respawn animations. The player will spawn into the game playing an intro or respawn animation.
  • More health is now gained from a level up and the power of health on cards has been reduced slightly.
  • Fixed a bug in Travel Mode that prevented casting screen and particle effects from cancelling when the cast was interrupted.
  • Fixed an issue causing abnormally large numbers appearing in ability short descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug where Hero models wouldn’t go away when they died and would instead stay in the world.

Hero Portrait Dekker Dekker

  • Containment Zone (R) now has a flat wall height to make it more predictable when placing it in the world.

Hero Portrait Feng Mao Feng Mao

  • Mad Dash (Q) ability will now increase its range based on leveling the ability .
  • Converted the minion damage on Dash from an instantaneous damage applied to all targets on teleport, to damage applied as the projectile passes through each individual.

Hero Portrait Murdock Murdock

  • Minions will now break Murdock out of his passive Hot Pursuit when they deal damage to him.

Hero Portrait Sparrow Sparrow

  • Players can no longer reset their auto attack by activating E ability.

Hero Portrait TwinBlast TwinBlast

  • Barrage (R) can be interrupted/canceled at any point in the ability with hard CC (prevents him from firing while stunned). Root and Slow will affect him but he continues firing.