Release Notes - OT7

Primary Feature Changes or Updates

  • PS4 Support!
  • Reduced duration of server hitches on errors from 25 seconds to 1.

Major Bugs Vanquished

  • Fixed several issues related to loading and saving key bindings on PC.
  • Fixed a crash on unexpected disconnect/logout while in team builder.
  • Players that have been removed from your friends list no longer remain in the quick invite option after they’ve been removed.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while streaming textures.
  • Improved GPU driver detection.
  • In Replays, the scoreboard now displays the correct information for players.
  • Added warning for AMD driver versions with known issues.


  • The MAXED stat category (e.g. Cooldown Reduction) on a card could previously be placed in an upgrade slot. MAXED stats are only supposed to be unlocked after the card is fully upgraded. This was an unintended bug and has been fixed.

General Changes

  • Optimized triggering impact audio when doing damage to Heroes.
  • Added new anti-cheat detection.
  • Added audio cue when pings are activated using the Team Comms.
  • Vision and Shadow Wards now support ping system.


  • Your own personal deaths can now be shown on the timeline by enabling the “Death” filter. Clicking on these death events will switch to following your hero and scrub to 5 seconds before the death occurred.
  • Fixed some cases where attempting to follow a dead hero with the “Hero Chase” camera wouldn’t work properly. The camera will now focus on the location at which the hero died.
  • Fixes to analog cursor to make it easier to select filters and misc timeline buttons in Replay HUD.
  • Fixed an issue causing a party member to drop from a party once they finish viewing a replay and return to the Main Menu.
  • Made general improvements to the reliability of recording replays.

All Heroes

  • Added velocity-based landing effects for all Heroes.
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to emote while falling from a ledge.
  • Emoting as you take damage or are hit by a non-damaging ability (like a debuff) will now interrupt the animation.

Hero Portrait Gideon Gideon

  • Improved Targeting modes mode visuals for Cosmic Rift (Q) and Black Hole (R).
  • Black Hole (R) ability now has a longer interruption window before Gideon receives his shield and becomes immune to CC.

Hero Portrait Grux Grux

  • Resonating Blow (R) now stuns exactly when the sword animation clangs above his head.

Hero Portrait Howitzer Howitzer

  • Rocket ability now properly highlights the targets it will hit.

Hero Portrait Sparrow Sparrow

  • Reduced the damage increase on her center ultimate arrow.
  • The attack speed buff on Invigorate (E) ability has been fixed to last the full duration.
  • Increased cooldown for Invigorate (E) ability to account for the active duration of the ability.

Hero Portrait TwinBlast TwinBlast

  • Fixed an issue causing Twinblast’s momentum to be lost when using Tumble (Rmb) off of tall surfaces.