Release Notes - OT4

Primary Feature Changes or Updates

  • Players are now provided with a “Death Recap" log after being slain by an opponent.
  • Activating our first iteration of skill-based matchmaking.
  • Enabled “Low Settings” in the video options.
  • Better auto detection of hardware and optimization of auto display settings. This should ease the process for selecting settings that provide better performance.
  • First-pass support for custom keybindings.
  • Updated Team Comms menu.
  • Improvements to the Replay System UI and Interface.
  • Increased base movement speed for all Heroes.
  • Reworked spectator and match cameras.
  • Removed Ancestral Boots.
  • Added new traversal path to the Jungle.
  • Added initial French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian language support.

Major bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Guardian and Black Buff had no health regen out of combat.
  • Fixed a bug where Attack Speed was still applying when the Black Buff was carried.
  • Fixed Siege Minions not animating.
  • General stability improvements.

General Changes

  • Reworked movement speed by increasing forward and backwards speed while not using basic attacks and reducing the movement penalty incurred by using basic attacks in all directions.
  • Slight increase to non-Hero aim assist strength.
  • Slight increase to Mana regeneration for most casters.
  • Slight decrease to Mana regeneration for most tanks.
  • Added “recommended” Hero information to Hero select.
  • Grux, Howitzer, Muriel, Steel, and Twinblast are recommended for now.
  • Reworked CXP proportions between Lane, Jungle, and Towers.

Hero Portrait Feng Mao Feng Mao

  • Increased base health and per level health.
  • Increased base damage and damage per level of Mad Dash (Q).
  • Increased card scaling of Brake Check (E).
  • Reduced mana cost of Block/Absorb (RMB).

Hero Portrait Gideon Gideon

  • Reduced damage scaling of Cosmic Rift (Q).
  • Reduced card scaling of Cosmic Rift.
  • Increased Level 1 cooldown of Cosmic Rift.

Hero Portrait Howitzer Howitzer

  • Increased card scaling of Rocket (Q).

Hero Portrait Rampage Rampage

  • Bugfix for errors in Boulder Throw ability (Q) .

Hero Portrait Sparrow Sparrow

  • Inner Fire (R) reworked to increase the effect of leveling this ability.
  • Ground placement of Hail of Arrows (Q) will now work on extreme heights.



  • Health Regen of Black Buff and Guardian are now set to go from zero to full in 3 minutes at all levels.


  • Minions - Last Hit Amber multiplier increased significantly.
  • Tower Amber - Decreased Amber payout of Inner Tower (Tier 2).


  • Reduced the rate at which Lane Minions increase their Movement Speed.


  • Max Health: reduced amount granted per card point.
  • Max Energy: increased amount granted per card point.
  • Mana Regen: reduced the amount granted per point.