Release Notes - OT2

Primary Feature Changes or Updates

  • Co-Op vs. Bots mode is now enabled when selecting your playlists.
    • Players currently need a full lobby (total of 5 players) to enter a match vs. bots.
  • Death Camera is now enabled on LMB, RMB cycling.
    • Pressing Q changes view mode while in Deatch Camera mode. Hardening the code to protect against player crashes when players disconnect
    • Added camera HUD info on the HUD when Dead for how to cycle between cameras.
  • Deck Builder Preview
    • Now shows total card points instead of Card Level for more clarity when purchasing cards.
  • Team Chat enabled in-game and the lobby only.
    • When joining a team, the TEAM tab will become available for chat
  • Player Profile Update
    • Players can now look at their Profile information. Currently has some statistics available.

General Changes

  • Changed “T” to “C” for Team Comms key.
  • Enable Damage Flash when your local hero takes damage by default.

Select Screen Update

  • Hero select changed to alphabetical order (for first 13)
  • Co-Op vs. AI enabled after selecting a Hero and choosing playlist.
  • Profile progression has been enabled.
  • Card Pack unlocks are available.


  • Universal Update
  • Implemented diagonal walking animations for all characters.

Hero Portrait Dekker Dekker

  • Changed base stat template to Caster (Abilities have worse card scaling to balance out their CC capabilities)
  • LMB - Energy Orb
    • Increased LMB card scaling
  • Q - Stasis Bomb
    • Increased Q card scaling significantly
  • E - Slow Field
    • Reduced base E damage and scaling
    • Adjusted minimum placement distance
    • Fixed camera reset
    • Adjusted the timing of the E bubble slow on deploy.
  • R - Containment Field
    • Delayed camera reset

Hero Portrait Feng Mao Feng Mao

  • Q - Mad Dash
    • Now has a tenth of a second delay between the time his projectile hits and the time he teleports. He currently disappears during that time and now has a catch-up follow cam. This effect is temporary. He’ll get a new FX that display a BAMF! cloud at the origin and the end point, 1/10th of a second apart.
  • E - Brake Check
    • Damage type to physical is more consistent with the rest of his kit.
  • R - Crushing Shield
    • Increased the height of the targeting mode.
    • This change will not guarantee that an enemy within range can’t jump over the damage volume. We will address this at a later date.
    • Enhanced the VFX
    • Ability no longer interruptible once he reaches the “strike” animation state.

Hero Portrait Gadget Gadget

  • Adjusted multiple animations to keep turkey bot locked in hand.

Hero Portrait Gideon Gideon

  • Changed VFX on Cosmic Rift (Q) ability to big meteor chunks.
  • Added looping GC to enemy who has Burden applied to them for the duration of the ability.
  • E - Torn Space
    • Reduced the damage scaling
    • Increased the duration of the abilities runs speed buff.
  • RMB - Burden
    • Increased the damage scaling

Hero Portrait Grux Grux

  • Improved and polished various animations.
  • Fixed pop while jumping.
  • Added melee twist curves to the attack animations to fix excessive twisting while playing the upper body animation of the attack.
  • Q - Rippling Smash
    • Increased base damage scaling.
    • Increased card scaling.
  • R - Resonating Blow
    • Increased base physical damage

Hero Portrait Howitzer Howitzer

  • R - Make it Rain
    • Reduced the targeting hang time for by 1.5 seconds.

Hero Portrait Kallari Kallari

  • Fixed a bug where stealth ability would block other targeting modes visuals.
  • Fixed an issue caused by her Passive which led to incorrect stuns against enemy heroes in travel mode.
  • R - Death Sentence
    • Changed the shape of the ultimate’s dash from a square to a sphere to make damage more consistent while moving.

Hero Portrait Muriel Muriel

  • Fixed a bug causing the projectile speed of her Orb attack (LMB) to feel slower than it should be. The projectile speed should now feel more in-line with Gideon’s primary speed.
  • Fixed a bug causing Reversal of Fortune (R) to land under the world.
  • Tweaked her flightpath and camera to eliminate clipping when she uses her Ultimate.
  • Added a few extra safeties to try and ensure there is no skidding after she lands her Ultimate.
  • Various improvements to travel mode and movement
    • 180 degree pivots are less pronounced than the starts
    • Wings for all directions orient more with the world.
    • Blending improvements for 180 pivots
    • Now skips the start animations if jumping.

Hero Portrait Rampage Rampage

  • Rampage now has increased range on his basic attack, Punch (LMB) while in his Enraged (R) form. This is a 1.75x multiplier of melee attack range.
  • Known targeting view bug where the correct targets are lighting up while using the ability.
  • Added new bipedal turn in place of animations used during ultimate.
  • Added new Enrage (R) specific melee attacks.
  • Tweaked blend and upper body on all melee attack animations.
  • Cleaned up tooltip text.

Hero Portrait Sparrow Sparrow

  • Re-oriented Inner Fire (R) ability aim towards the reticle and added more polish.
  • Hair pass on Inner Fire (R) ability fires. New aim offset to play nicer with turn animations.

Hero Portrait Steel Steel

  • Fixed a bug where his RMB was blocking damage from all directions and not just front.
  • E - Force Shield
    • Fixed for Steel’s shield occasionally taking too long to spawn if thrown in the wrong spot.

Hero Portrait TwinBlast TwinBlast

  • Changed Bolt to “Nitro”. Nitro causes attack speed increases. Leveling the ability increases with each ability. Normal attacks now mark targets while Q is active.
  • Range of Doubleshot (LMB) increased to hold Q bolt range while Q is active.
  • Added new grenade mesh on the projectile
  • Allow Twinblast to Dive (RMB) while falling.
  • General Twinblast Changes
    • Added support for primary fire alternative right/left side.
    • Updated Travel Mode pose and travel mode specific, jump animations.
    • Updated the start and stop animations with a new pose.


  • Merged Ivy for Bases and reverted instances for bot lane and jungles for now pending better negative scale solution.
  • Jungle Buffs
    • Updated blue buff to also provide +20% cooldown reduction (allowing players to go beyond the hard cap) and attack speed.
    • Updated Black Buff to provide +2x damage vs. structures (i.e. 3x normal damage) and a +25% attack speed buff.
    • Updated Black Buff Spawner to level up.
    • Updated Black Buff Minion to have more health and damage as it levels.
    • Updated Black Buff Minion to be a multi-player encounter (but not as strong as the OP)
    • Disabled jungle camp leveling
  • Prime Helix
    • Reworked Prime Helix health and damage values to account for new spawn times.
    • Enable leveling of Prime Helix (each kill will level Prime Helix)
  • Towers
    • Outer Tower health reduced from 3000 to 2000.
    • Added polish animation to emissive details on turret towers.
    • Updated glowing rune colors for proper team color handling.
  • Inhibitor
    • Removed Inhibitor health Regen
  • Shadow Plane
    • Added camera lens effect back to shadow plane.
  • Minions
    • Updated animations.