Release Notes - OT10 Update 1

Primary Features and Changes

New Jungle Buff Reworks

  • RED CAMP BUFF - Now grants 15.2 energy and physical damage and grants bonus movement speed on hit.
  • BLUE CAMP BUFF - Now grants increased mana regeneration and cooldown reduction. No longer increases attack speed.
  • Updated the minimap to include Jungle paths.
  • Added Uncommon Movespeed cards:
    • Everglass (White Affinity): 5% Cooldown Reduction / Unique Active: On ability hit, +70 Speed. Lasts 4 seconds.
    • Nanodrive (Blue Affinity): 75 Max Mana: 16 Energy Penetration / Unique Active: +20 Move Speed for each nearby Hero (Max 80). Lasts 4 seconds.
    • Sirensong (Black Affinity): 4 Lifesteal / Unique Active: On Hit, Slow enemy by 35 Move Speed units. Lasts 4 seconds.
    • Heartshot (Red Affinity): 6.5 Attack Speed / Unique: On Player Kill, +70 Move Speed. Lasts 4 seconds.

General Changes

  • Updated the Daily First Win Rewards to be more varied.
  • Updated Rewards for account level ups to be more varied.
  • Increased amount of Amber needed to gain more card power.


  • Bots will now try to use movement-related abilities when chasing enemies.
  • Fixed jungle minions not returning to spawn positions when blocked by hero.
  • Fixed some bots aborting their ultimate abilities.
  • Fixes to bots’ support abilities range.
  • Further fixes to bot abilities targeting logic.
  • Decreased how often bots run into turret’s range.


  • Card Packs
    • Increased the drop rate of Uncommon cards in Card Packs.
    • Added Uncommon Equipment Cards.
  • Madstone Gem
    • Now provides Energy Damage instead of Physical


  • Added controller inversion support for replays.
  • On PS4, accepting an invite while loading into a replay or while viewing a replay will be handled correctly. The player will be sent back to the main menu and join the party specified in the invite.
  • Towers will now respawn properly in replays when scrubbing back to a time at which they were active.


  • Implemented slash command “/mute” for muting and unmuting team members. A dialog for managing mute will come in a future build.
  • Surrender prompt now appears above the card menu.

All Heroes

  • Radius and timer decals added to Dekker’s Slow Field ability and Containment ability.
  • Twinblast can now only use the Nitro ability before Barrage, but cannot use Nitro while Barrage is already active.
  • Fixed a bug where Sparrow did not drop Amber when she died.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Death Recap Panel where the critical strike indicator icon was showing at the wrong times.
  • Fixed an issue with the Death Recap Panel where the panel could get stuck open if you rejoined a match while dead.
  • Fixed a “black screen” problem after Alt-Tabbing back into game in Native Fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed a crash that occasionally occurs when kicking a party member.
  • Fixed missing textures after rejoining a match.
  • Improved end of playtest flow to consistently return to login screen after hitting continue from the post-game scoreboard.
  • Improved ground placement logic to allow easier placement under archways.
  • Increased the bounds of Gadget’s Primary and Howitzer’s Muzzle Flash.
  • Fixed an issue where Gideon’s Burden Ability (RMB) was using incorrect data for cooldown causing it to be lower than intended (moved from 9s to 15s).