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Store on update v35.1

The Store is a marketplace in Paragon where you can buy Skins, Cards, Boosts, Master Challenges, Emotes, Loot Crates and Coins.

The store also has special packs, weekly deals on skins, and also has other special bundles that change occasionally.


Store Skins.png

Skins is one of the sections in the store. You can browse for skins to buy with Coins. Skins are divided into tiers:

  • Tier I: 500 Coins icon.png each.
    • White Tiger Greystone is an exception and costs 700 Coins icon.png along with Seasonal skins which cost 600 Coins icon.png each.
  • Tier II: 1,000 Coins icon.png each.
    • Seasonal skins are an exception with them costing 1,200 Coins icon.png
  • Tier III: 1,500 Coins icon.png each.
  • Tier IV: Price TBD

There are also weekly sales with a couple of Skins getting a 25% discount from their original price.


Store Emotes.png

Emotes are sold in the store. Emotes are available for different prices ranging from 200 Coins icon.png to 600 Coins icon.png

You can see the list of the Emotes available on the main Emote page .

Loot Crates

Store Loot Boxes.png

You can purchase Loot Crates and Keys on the store. Loot Crates cost 299 Coins icon.png while keys cost 199 Coins icon.png, There are also some bundles which you can purchase:

  • Crate & Key Bundle - 498 Coins icon.png
  • Crate & Key Bundle x3 - 1,195 Coins icon.png
  • Crate & Key Bundle x10 - 3,486 Coins icon.png

You can read more about Loot Crates on their main page

Master Challenges

Store Master.png

You can purchase Master Challenges with both Coins and Reputation.

Master Challenges cost 1,300 Coins icon.png or 75,000 Icon Reputation.png


Store Boosts.png

You can purchase Reputation and Expierience Boosts with Coins. Boosts come in two variations each, time based boosts and win based boosts.

Boosts can be bought in 1, 3, 10 and 30 variations.

  • 1 Day XP Boosts: 100 Coins icon.png
  • 1 Day Rep Boosts: 200 Coins icon.png
  • 3 Day/Win XP Boosts: 200 Coins icon.png
  • 3 Day/Win Rep Boosts: 350 Coins icon.png
  • 10 Day/Win XP Boosts: 550 Coins icon.png
  • 10 Day/Win Rep Boosts: 950 Coins icon.png
  • 30 Day/Win XP Boosts: 1,200 Coins icon.png
  • 30 Day/Win Rep Boosts: 2,000 Coins icon.png

You can also obtain Boosts from Loot Crates.

Card Packs

Store Cards.png

You can purchase Card Packs with Reputation. There is a Weekly Pack that changes every week and usually includes a community picked card. There are a variety of Card Packs you can purchase:

  • Weekly Pack: 15,000 Icon Reputation.png
  • Card Pack: 10,000 Icon Reputation.png
  • A Random Card: 2,250 Icon Reputation.png
  • An Order Card: 4,500 Icon Reputation.png
  • A Corruption Card: 4,500 Icon Reputation.png
  • A Fury Card: 4,500 Icon Reputation.png
  • An Intellect Card: 4,500 Icon Reputation.png
  • A Growth Card: 4,500 Icon Reputation.png
  • A Universal Card: 4,500 Icon Reputation.png

To read more about the Card Packs section of the store you can check the Card Store page.

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