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The Shadow Plane is a realm that exists in the same space as the our current plane, yet is invisible to the naked eye. Those who exist in the shadow plane, however, can see everything in the current plane. Heroes can't normally enter the shadow plane themselves; however, if they use the shadow buff, or enter the shadow plane via an ability, they may enter the plane, but only as long as they do not attack and the duration of the shadow buff or ability does not expire.

One often overlooked aspect of the Shadow Plane is that those in it are completely invisible, but that's not true. While those who are not in the shadow plane can't see those who are in it, anything that is in the shadow plane is able to see anything else that's in the shadow plane. That includes placing wards and entering the shadow plane by the use of an ability that grants stealth.


  • Kallari enters the shadow plane at will using the ability "Shadow Walk".
  • Wraith enters the shadow plane with the ability "Surprise, Surprise!".


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