As the stars descend the Agoran sky and their power takes its leave, spirits gather beyond the veil and wait for Shadow's Eve.

Paragon - Shadow’s Eve

Paragon - Shadow’s Eve

Shadow's Eve is the 2016 Halloween event starting on October 11, 2016 until November 6, 2016. It introduced new unique skins (including a Tier 3 Undertow Gideon skin) and a new hero Hero Portrait Countess Countess.

Players could unlock limited time, Halloween themed skins by linking their Twitch account and watching or hosting streams on twitch for a chance for the Skin drops until October 24. After that date, all the droppable skins can be bought from the store.


New Hero

Hero Portrait CountessCountess

New Skins

All of the six main Shadow's Eve skins will be available for sale starting October 25, until November 6, with a discounted bundle including all of the skins.

Dynamic bundles will also be introduced with this sale, which let you keep the bundle’s discount and only pay for the bundle content you don’t already own. Example: You already won two skins from the Twitch drop. You can get a bundle for the remaining four skins at the discounted price, without paying extra for skins you already own.

Week 1 Droppable Skins (Oct. 11 - 17 - V32.2 Patch)

Week 2 Droppable Skins (Oct. 18 - 24 - V33 Patch)

Other Skins

Dock-o-Lantern Murdock will be permanently available to all players who have linked their Twitch account to their Epic Games account.

Happy Shadow's Eve!

Shadow's Eve