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Reputation is one of the two currencies employed in Paragon, the other being Coins. It is a Time-Based Currency - the more you play, the more reputation you earn. Reputation can be used to buy things from the Paragon Store, such as Card Packs, Master Challenges and Skins.

Earning Reputation


Reputation is earned at the end of every match played. Reputation earned is based on several factors:

  • Game Length
  • Victory or Loss
  • Boosts

Winning will grant bonus reputation, and boosts will increase total reputation by a percentage - for example a one-win boost will double the reputation earned from your next win. Reputation earned is the same regardless of hero played or personal score in the game.

Spending Reputation

Reputation can be spent on many items in the in-game store. In order to make the game as fair as possible, regardless of how much real money is put into the game, card packs cannot be bought with coins, only with reputation. This means that a player who plays a lot and wins often will get more cards than a player who spends a lot of money on in-game currency. However customization items like Skins or Emotes cannot be bought with Reputation, only with Coins.

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