Prime Helix Guardian is a large creature that resides at the heart of the red buff Jungle. It has several abilities, including the ability to slow attackers in front of him and form a protective shield dislocating surrounding players. Once killed he will give 800 CXP to the killing team and drop the Orb Prime. It spawns at 6 minutes, and respawns after 10.

Note: As of update .27 there have been changes to the Orb Prime and how it works.

The last hitter obtains the Orb Prime along with activating their Prime Helix Card. The player can the do 3 things:

  • Take the orb to the enemy drop off point in the opposite lane, close to the second tower. This activates the Prime Helix Card of each player for 150 seconds.
  • Keep the orb and its buff to turn the tide of team fights.
  • Take the orb to the ally drop off point to restore all of the ally inhibitors completely.

Note: As of update .27 the Prime Helix Guardian gives CXP globally to all players.

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