The Prime Helix Guardian is the most powerful neutral monster in Paragon.

The Guardian spawns at 10 minute mark, and respawns every 6 minutes.

Base Stats

Data in bold is the per level increase of that stat

Base Health 10000 (+0)
Health Regen Instant when out of combat (+0)
Base Mana 0 (+0)
Mana Regen 0 (+0)
Basic Attack Armor {{{basicarmor}}} (+{{{basicarmors}}})
Ability Armor {{{abilityarmor}}} (+{{{abilityarmors}}})
Base Attack Time {{{bat}}}
Attack Speed {{{ats}}} (+{{{atss}}})


- Basic Attack
Prime Helix Guardian fires lasers from his eyes dealing damage.
Damage: ??? Cooldown: ???

- Slam
Prime Helix Guardian slams the ground, slowing all enemies in a cone and damaging them.
Movement Speed Slow: ??? Movement Speed Slow Duration: ???
Damage: ??? Cooldown: ???

- Flare
Prime Helix Guardian fires a flare that deals damage per second to all enemies standing in its AoE.
Damage per Second: ??? Cooldown: ???

- Knock Back
After a short delay, for the next several seconds, Prime Helix Guardian knocks back all enemies near him.
Duration: ?? Damage: ???
Cooldown: ???

- Heal
When the Prime Helix Guardian is out of combat for several seconds, he will quickly restore his health.
Health per Second: ???

Killing the Prime Helix Guardian

Killing the Guardian grants the OP Buff to all living teammates for 150 seconds. The buff activates each allied hero's Prime Helix card, giving them the effects of it. The buff is lost when the Hero dies. When the Guardian is killed, each living player on the killer's team is also granted the following:

  • 1200 CXP awarded to each team member
  •  ??? XP awarded to each team member nearby
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