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You will get a Movement Speed penalty and be Slowed for any of the following actions: Backpedaling, Strafing (walking side-to-side), or Basic Attacking.

Ranged and melee Heroes have different rulesets when it comes to their basic attack.

Ranged Heroes

  • Basic Penalty - 25% Slow.
  • Duration is 80% of attack cooldown.
  • Maximum Duration is 1 second.
  • Mininmum Duration is 0.7 seconds.

Melee Heroes

  • Basic Penalty on Hit - 20% Slow.
  • Basic Penalty on Miss - 5% Slow.
  • Duration on Hit is 67% of attack cooldown.
  • Duration on Miss is 25% of attack cooldown.
  • Maximum Duration on Hit is 1 second.
  • Minimum Duration on Hit is 0.6 seconds.
  • Maximum Duration on Miss is 1 second.
  • Minimum Duration on Miss is 0.22 seconds.

Strafing and backpedaling both apply a Slow of 15% to your Hero’s MoveSpeed.

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