A Harvester is a mysterious structure placed on Agora for the production of Amber, an in-match currency. There are 7 Harvesters placed throughout the map.

Any player who is assigned to build these devices, should ideally slot a Harvester Key (or better) card first. This will decrease the time it takes to build it.

Be sure to include one in any player-built deck.
  • To activate a built Harvester, the player needs to be in range of it. Any amount of amber collected is distributed evenly to each team member. Enemy Harvesters can be destroyed and new Harvesters can be rebuilt in enemy locations. This means that one team could potentially have more Harvesters than the other, possibly giving them an advantage.
  • If a Harvester is activated by one team, the other team cannot collect from it. Instead, they can attack it. If they cause enough damage, the Harvester will be reset to Neutral and become dormant. Thirty seconds later, it will reactivate, allowing someone to claim it and begin the cycle again
  • If a Harvesters tank is full, extra Amber orbs will fall out of the Harvester, and land on the ground where they can be claimed by either team. These orbs will eventually time out, meaning inefficient collection from Harvesters will cause the team that has claimed it to miss out on maximizing their CXP.
  • Harvesters that are attacked will have their CXP stolen from the attacker.

The Harvesters at the ally jungles and outside of the side lanes spawn at 3:00 minutes. The OP Buff Harvester spawns at 6:00 minutes.

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