A Harvester is a stationary unit placed on a map solely for the production of Amber, an in-match currency. There can be as many as 7 Harvesters total. Any player who is assigned to build these devices, should ideally slot a Harvester Key (or better) card first. This will decrease the time it takes to build it.

Note:Be sure to include one in any player-built deck. All starter decks have one Harvester Key card in them.

To activate a built Harvester, the player needs to be in range of it. Any amount of amber collected is duplicated to each team member. Enemy Harvesters can be destroyed and new harvesters can be rebuilt in enemy locations. This means that one team could potentially have more Harvesters than the other, possibly giving them an advantage. They can also be damaged and not destroyed. This will destroy any amber it had currently collected, defying it to enemy players.

Patch Notes:

Update .27 - Hitting an enemy Harvester now steals 100% of the CP value (instead of the lower % previously returned.) In the future, attacking a harvester will be SILENT and cause no damage (nor activate any “under attack” message) while there is still Amber inside it. Once empty, the Harvester will begin taking damage as normal.

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