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Harvester Site.

A Harvester is a structure in Legacy for the production of Amber. There are 7 Harvester Sites placed throughout the map.

To activate a built Harvester, the player needs to be in range of it. Any amount of amber collected is distributed evenly to each team member. Enemy Harvesters can be destroyed and new Harvesters can be rebuilt in enemy locations. This means that one team could have more Harvesters than the other, possibly giving them an advantage.

Harvesters have been replaced with Amber Links in Monolith.

Base Stats

Health Damage Physical Armor Energy Armor Attack Speed
900 at 3 minutes (+~100 every minute up to 3800 around 30 minutes) 0 0 0 0

Activating Harvesters

The Harvester Sites in the jungles and on the outside lane unlock at 3:00 minutes. The Prime Helix Harvester Site unlocks at 6:00 minutes.

To activate a harvester, you need to stand in the marked point for 30 seconds (6 seconds with a Harvester's Key or 3 seconds with other Harvester Keys). After activation, it will start building itself, which takes 15 seconds.

Activating a Harvester grants 65 XP to the player once it's fully constructed.

Filling and collecting

Harvesters fill at different speeds. While the Jungle Harvesters and Prime Helix Harvester take 5 minutes to fill (~11 cxp per 10 seconds), the Outer Harvesters take 10 minutes (~11 cxp per 20 seconds).

If a Harvester tank is full, it will not collect Amber until a teammate collects it.

A hero on the same team as the harvester can empty the harvester at any time, gaining max 330 cxp (for each teammate) and 27 xp (only for that hero).

Destroying Harvesters

If a Harvester is activated by one team, the other team cannot collect from it. Instead, they can attack it. If they cause enough damage, the Harvester will be reset to Neutral and become dormant. Thirty seconds later, it will reactivate, allowing someone to claim it and begin the cycle again.

Harvesters that are attacked will have their CXP stolen by the attacker. This will also destroy the Harvester.

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