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The Fangtooth is a powerful neutral monster that spawns near the middle of the Monolith map. He has high health and damage, so taking him alone may be risky. Killing him grants your entire team permanent buffs based on how many stacks the team has.

His attacks apply a burn which deals 3% of current health per second as ability damage.

Fangtooth spawns at 5:00 minute mark, and respawns 3 minutes after dying.

Base Stats

Base Health 2900 (+400 every 2 minutes, max 8,500)
Health Regen 50
Damage 95
Movement Speed ???
Basic Attack Armor 40 (+3 every 2 minutes, max 82)
Attack Speed 1.25
Ability Armor 60
Experience 50
Gold 1000

Mark of Fangtooth

Killing the Fangtooth grants your entire team "Mark of Fangtooth" which provides permanent buffs based on how many stacks the team has.

  • 1st kill: +4 Power, +1000 Gold
  • 2nd kill: +4 Power, +10% Out of Combat Movement Speed
  • 3rd kill:+4 Power, +15% Non-Hero Damage
  • 4th+ kill: +8 Power
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