Paragon Wiki

The Deck Builder is where you construct your own custom card decks for your hero's, you have a limited number of decks you can have at once (you can buy more deck slots or earn them as rewards) starting number of decks is 10, When you create a new deck you must first decide which hero it will be for, you may also at this stage copy an already existing deck by selecting it at the bottem just under the hero selection. once youve selected your hero you must first choose one of three Prime Helix Cards, this is your most powerful card once activated. there are 3 types of cards:

  • Consumables

After choosing, you can now select cards to place in your deck. you can have a total card count of 40 cards in a single deck (you will not use them all in a single match). In a single game you have 6 Equipment card slots, each card can have up to 3 Upgrade cards attached to it (some cards can't be upgraded). the type of Upgrade cards you can equip to a Equipment card depends on what attributes the card improves (excluding fully upgraded bonuses).

For example: The equipment card, Windcarver blade improves your attack speed and power, so the only upgrade cards you can equip the card with are ones which also improve attack speed or power.

Consumable cards are active's that can't be upgraded and provide tempoary bonues, examples include: scout ward, health potion, mana potion.

For more infomation, see Cards.

Once you have constructed your new deck you can save and rename it, useful if you wish to have multiple decks for the same hero to counter different hero's or suit different team roles.