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Crowd Control, or commonly referred to as "CC" is an action that prevents enemies affected from being able to fight, move, and/or cast abilities. It has 2 different types: hard and soft. Hard CC is any effect that prevents you from making 2 or more actions, where soft CC prevents 1.

Hard Crowd Control

  • Knock-Up - prevents all actions and launches a hero in the air.
  • Knock-Back - prevents all actions and launches a hero in a specific direction.
  • Pull - prevents all actions and displaces.
  • Root - prevents movement and the use of movement abilities.
  • Stun - prevents all actions.
  • Tether - restricts movement and prevents movement abilities.
  • Sleep- prevents you from all actions, get awake when getting damage.
  • Charm - Enemy moves in the direction of the spell user
  • Fear - Enemy moves away from the spell user
  • Taunt - Enemy does auto hits in the direction of the spell user

Soft Crowd Control

  • Blind - obscures vision.
  • Rewind - displaces.
  • Silence - prevents abilities.
  • Slow - restricts movement.

Crowd control in Paragon does not have diminishing returns. However, negative effects like Slows, Blight, and certain Card auras do not stack - only the strongest one of each type is applied.

As was mentioned about Slows earlier, the game does track all durations separately. The example given was with different magnitudes of Slows, but it applies to all other CC as well. If someone is Stunned for 2 seconds and you apply a 1 second Stun it will effectively do nothing as they were already to be Stunned for a longer duration, but if you wait 1.5 seconds and then apply it the total duration would be increased to 2.5 seconds. Timing your CC is important to your team’s success in skirmishes!

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