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This page has outdated content. These cards are from the old system and are here for archiving purposes only.

Circlet of Health was a common Icon Universal.pngUniversal equipment card.

How to obtain

A single copy of Circlet of Health was available for all players. This copy couldn't be dismantled.

Circlet of Health can be earned through card packs or through crafting.

Crafting Cost Dismantling
Resource Cost Rep Cost Resources Earned
600 Metal Icon.pngMetal 250 Icon Reputation.png 100 Metal Icon.pngMetal

Unique Passive

Circlet of Health, in addition to 30 Mana also has an Unique Passive that grants +2.8 Health Regen to nearby Allies. When maxed, the Health Regen bonus was applied globally.

This bonus stacks with other sources of Health Regen.

The Health Regen effect can be increased with effects like Clearheart's passive and Bud of the Changeling's passive, and reduced by effects like Poison and Blight Bones' passive.

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Change Log

Update .40 - May 16, 2017

  • Rework
    • Maxed Passive Added. Health Regen aura now applied globally.

Update .35 - December 6, 2016

  • Reduced Aura Health Regen value to 2.8 from 4.2