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This page has outdated content. These cards are from the old system and are here for archiving purposes only.

Chrono-Tonic was a rare Icon intellect equipment card.

How to obtain

Chrono-Tonic can be earned through card packs or through crafting.

Crafting Cost Dismantling
Resource Cost Rep Cost Resources Earned
2400 Matrix IconMatrix 1000 Icon Reputation 600 Matrix IconMatrix


Chrono-Tonic gives you 10% Cooldown Reduction and increases your Health Regen by 3.6 for 15 seconds, and has two charges that refresh at base. A single charge restores 54 health total.

Chrono-Tonic stacks with all other CDR cards (excluding Incessant Onslaught), allowing the hero to reach up to 30% CDR.

Recommended Heroes

Change Log

Update .35 - December 6, 2016

  • Increased Cooldown Reduction value to 10% from 7.5%
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