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Card packs are items which can be used to obtain additional cards for your collection. There are a total of 9 different card packs you can purchase with the in game currency.

Each card has a chance to be of common, uncommon, rare or epic rarity. While the majority of cards in card packs are common, it is possible to find multiple cards of high quality within a single pack.

The contents of each pack are decided at random, at the time of opening. Details such as the amount of cards you currently have will not affect which cards are found.

Weekly Pack

A pack of specific cards.

  • Costs 15,000 Reputation and changes weekly. Includes three cards, one of which is chosen by the community.

Week of July 18, 2017

Guardian's Ward card.pngTransparent card.png
Guardian's Ward
Everglass card.pngTransparent card.png
Infinity Stream card.pngTransparent card.png
Infinity Stream
This week's weekly card pack includes these 3 cards

Card Pack

A pack of five random cards. At least one is guaranteed uncommon quality or better.

  • Costs 10,000 Reputation. It includes 5 cards with one being a guaranteed uncommon or better quality card.

An Affinity Card

A Random Card

  • This card pack costs 2,250 Reputation and includes a random card.
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