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Card Crafting in v35.1

As of V42 Card Crafting has been temporarily removed from the game. It has been stated that in the future it will be added back into the game.

The Card Crafting system is an element of Paragon that allows players to directly create new cards. It can be accessed through the Profile/Cards screen. Crafting consumes various components and Reputation to produce new cards, while dismantling allows players to destroy unwanted cards, granting a quantity of a component in exchange. Crafting is the quickest and most direct way of obtaining a specific card, provided you have sufficient resources. The amount of a component required for crafting, and granted by dismantling, is determined by the card's rarity and affinity.

Card Crafting is unlocked on player level 5.

Crafting Components

There are 6 crafting component types gained from cards. Each type represents a specific affinity. For example, when crafting or dismantling an Order card, you will need/gain Topaz.

Components can be earned through dismantling, Chests and Daily Login Rewards.


Each card has fixed crafting and dismantling costs, based on rarity. Other factors, such as type, do not affect cost.

Rarity Crafting Dismantling
Resource Cost Rep Cost Resources Earned
Common and Basic 600 250 100
Uncommon 1200 500 240
Rare 2400 1000 600
Epic 4800 2000 1200
Progression Daily Login RewardsDaily QuestHero ProgressionPlayer ProgressionStar Chest
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