• Shynat100

    I have done some of here ability they will need more infromation unitl the game comes out there is not much i  can do with that and fixed some of here background aswell as they might be wrong but will update them tonight at 4am est time.

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  • Tollsunited7

    updating hero pages

    November 18, 2017 by Tollsunited7

    I would like some help in updating the Hero Pages.

    What needs to be done:

    • Update stats and values
    • Provide all abilities with updated icons and gifs/ogv's (still working on it)
    • Upload all screenshots of the hero's skins
    • Update changelog

    Please use the Drongo page as an example.

    Thank you, tollsunited7

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  • Tollsunited7

    If anyone wants to help then go ahead

    1. Update all Hero Portraits - Done

    2. Update all Hero Pages with up to date stats, ability icons, additional notes, all skins + skin variations and changelog

    3. Update all Cards with notes, formatting, Image and Stat changes with each level

    4. Update the Monolith page with up to date information

    5. Update all Jungle Minion pages with their locations and up to date pictures

    6. Update all Mechanics pages with up to date information and additional notes

    7. Update all other pages that need it

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  • Vortex1711

    Mastery Page changes plz

    October 23, 2017 by Vortex1711

    The Mastery page is outdated, as it is talking about the pre-v.42 version of it. If someone who knows all the prices for each Rank could update the page to reflect the current system, that would be great.

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  • Jtanooki

    Why I Have Been Offline

    October 13, 2017 by Jtanooki


    Just wanted to update a bit on why I have been offline. Hurricane Maria devastated my island, leaving us without water or electricity to most of us, even to this day. We've also been without cell service or internet. I'm finally getting some signal and I can at least connect if I go to where there is service. I should be back before the months end.

    Happy Shadow's Eve!

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  • Tollsunited7

    Hey guys,

    The wikia is pretty outdated right now, and thats for a pretty simple reason (actually 2)

    1. We are currently waiting for v42 to drop so we can rework the whole wiki, update templates, pages etc. Right now it just feels like a waste of time because the info will be outdated in 2 weeks anyway

    2. I was currently more focusing on my youtube and personal stuff so i couldnt really find time for the wiki

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  • Tollsunited7

    Hey guys,

    Because i was busy this month i couldnt really find much time to take care of the wiki, however I hope next week i will motivate myself to some work in here, because as i have noticed there is a lot of stuff to do (Phase, Wukong, some other pages etc)

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  • TheDoctorJew

    Hello, I've noticed that the weekly card pack isn't up to date but only admins have permission to edit the main page.

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  • FoldYourWings


    May 14, 2017 by FoldYourWings

    Hey, I'm new around here and I am new to using the Fandom for editing pages. I was the one who updated the Lore pages with all of the new info. I will continue to do this if nobody else does and I just had a quick question. I noticed that the "Lore" section was not on any of the tabs. You can find it via google search and through the search on the wiki but there is not tab for it. If someone could add it or give me pointers on how to do so, I'd like to do so simply for navigation's sake. Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to being a part of the team.

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  • Kallari


    April 23, 2017 by Kallari

    OK, so to start off scratch my last post. I am now back until further notice. I was majorily grounded.

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  • Kallari


    November 25, 2016 by Kallari

    Excuse my inactivity this past fortnight as i have been studying and doing my annual exams. I willl become regularly active again this monday... A break is needed.

    Thank you for understanding

    Kind Regards, KurohaneKallari

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  • Tlbww

    I main iggy

    October 28, 2016 by Tlbww


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  • Tollsunited7

    Hello everyone.

    Recently, since last Sunday i was on a trip to Krakow and i didnt have any way to maintain the wiki.

    Since i am back now and other admins seem to be busy, i will update the wiki (especially Kwang page) with correct information, and update the patch notes pages.

    Sorry for the inactivity, tollsunited7

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  • Jtanooki

    Hi Guys! I wanted to create a little blog post to show you guys a couple of templates on the wikia that can be used around the site.

    First off I want to start with the Stats template.

    This template helps show different in-game stats (Ex. Card stats) on the article you are editing. 

    For example: , or

    Please use these templates when adding stats instead of putting plain old numbers on the cards. The template was made for easy changing of stats when Epic Games decides to change the stats balances (Like on the recent V29 Patch). With this template I can just edit a small database containing all of the numbers, and site wide those stats are changed.

    Stat Template Link

    You can check it out in the link above, along with its documentation which has mor…

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  • Pinkachu

    Hello all Paragonians!

    We have some awesome news for the Paragon community. The Wikia Fan App for Paragon is now available on Google Play and  it's Apple equivalent will be available on the App Store very soon. Be sure download and install the version appropriate for your device so you always have a way to check up on the latest community activity and game information when you are not at home. Included in these apps and in the desktop version of the Paragon community is a new feature called Discussions . 

    Discussions is a conversation feature that users can participate in and create new posts, reply to posts and even "upvote" them. To participate in Discussions, users will need to be logged into Wikia. Users will be able to upload an avatar …

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