Cards are split into five affinities: Chaos, Death, Growth, Knowledge and Order. Each Hero can use any affinity and this is only limited by the affinities that are chosen for a specific deck.

When creating a deck, you can only select 2 out of 5 affinities. After you pick the affinities, your deck will only be able to use the cards from the Affinity you have chosen. At any point during deck building, you can return to the affinity selection menu and replace an affinity with a different one (be careful as this will remove all cards of the replaced Affinity from your deck). Each Affinity has different cards you can use. All heroes can use any affinity.


  • Growth - Defensive playstyle, steadily increasing in strength.
  • Knowledge - Tactical playstyle, outwitting your opponents.
  • Order - Supportive playstyle, improving your team.
  • Death - Insidious playstyle, bend the rules to your benefit.
  • Chaos - Aggressive playstyle, pushing everything to its limit.

Affinity Traits

Each affinity has a special trait that can affect some cards.

  • Knowledge: Consumable - The card is used up when activated (can be repurchased)
  • Death: Cursed - Can't be discarded for the rest of the match. These cards are usually great early to mid game, but fall off in the late game.
  • Chaos: Combustible - Once you die, the card is discarded and must be re-bought. These cards are usually very powerful, but risky.
  • Growth: Cultivate: Cost 500 less for each attribute point you have.
  • Order: Elevate - Gain bonus stats on this card given certain progressions (such as leveling up an attribute), but only if the elevate card is the sole card equipped - the bonus is lost when you add a card beyond the singular elevate card.
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