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Let me know

Anyone know any dates for theses new games to release on ps4 ?
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• 3/17/2019

COD 4 Remastered

What a game! Has by far the best campaign of any cod game and the graphics are so beautiful, especially with the SAS stealth missions. All remastered games should be like this. The only thing I don't like is the online gameplay. Found myself quickly back into the run kill die run die run kill die mode that cod games are famous known for. Battlefield is still better but my god! COD 4 remastered is amazing and FREE this month!!!
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• 3/8/2019


Is anyone watching the For the minions episodes by Mangoose
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• 3/2/2019


Warframe sitting at the top of fandom apps with 53k users with gta at the second place with 47k although theese are the numbers at peek. They dont go down as the fandom dies down. Paragon had 370. I wish they were all still here.
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• 3/1/2019


1 month 26 days untill core aplha comes out. I wish I had a pc. Boutta abuse my friend to download that bish and let me play at his house I swear😂😂😂
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• 2/20/2019

The more I think about it, the more Im worried

It just came to my mind, that although I appreciate developers working theyr ass off to deliver us the experience epic never the same time im scared of the fact that the community will split up really badly when these games drop. We already are a small slice of what used to be a 5 milion people community (in the glory days, paragon apparently had 5 milion players) Considering that all of these games are gonna be different, every player is gonna have his/her preferences. So not only is this gonna make choosing your favourite game like choosing between similar cars of your favourite company, its really gonna hurt the community, which I won't like. What yall think?
Imo they all should have combined forces, money and what not, to create the ultimate experience possible.
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• 2/20/2019


Roster for his beta at the bottom 👇

First of all, did yall know he was making a predecessor? I found out like today... his videos have been popping up in my recomended lately since I have been watching BritikHD but never paied attention to them except for the view count and I gotta say, its big (yea yea, thats what she said..(lmao)) his video where he showcased beta heroes as of now has around 75k views which is..pretty good
Now apparently since the other game is coming to ps4 there are rumors that its gonna be hard for RGSACE to convince sony that those 2 are different games. I really hope that we get both of them on ps4 but he said even tho ps4 is planed, pc is a priority right now, which is understandable. Although I hope that the first game to come to ps4 is better than the other one, not because only me but because of the community as a whole. The thing is imagine getting the worse game onto the consoles (by worse I mean the game that wont get as suported as the other one (bug fixes, new heroes at reasonable times, sticking to schedules, dishing out broken updates making us adapt to them as it would take longer to polish them for these smaller companies,etc. Basically epic v2), not being transparent and honest with player base (no need for the explanation there) and other things that kill the community) like I was saying if ps4 got the worse game and the better one couldnt get on the ps store because sony doesnt need 2 same games on the store ps4 community would either have to hope for another year or 2 for someone else to come up with something or it would die completely (with few exceptions that would buy a pc but...they arent a part of a ps4 community then, arey they?

But, better day seem to be upon us, die hard paragon fans, so lets hope for the best for our upcoming games

Oh btw if u havent seen his video the beta roster is:
Offlane: Feng mao
Mid lane: Dekker
Safe lane: Murdock and Muriel
Jungle: Sevarog

No Sparrow :( (not yet at least)
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• 2/19/2019

Man like TUTO

Tuto on a mission to keep this page alive!! Respect!! I'm sorry to say I haven't been checking this app as much as I should be, paragon was my game and I should still be on here keeping it active. Especially when we are very close to getting MOBA gameplay back in our lives. I've been watching more YouTube videos of paragon recently, just for fun! I fucking miss playing paragon
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• 2/14/2019

2 years...

Well yesterday was my 2 years on this app..holy fuck time flies by like crazy. As if only yesterday I saw paragon drop on the play station store, and thinking to myself, Im never downloading this, it looks dumb. Fastforward to future I find myself tearing up because its shutting down. I loved playing paragon and had that type of relationship as Sam said once, you rage at it leave it for a day or two and come back at it loving it even more. Even deleted it and downloaded it back once or twice. I remember picking khaimera religiously because it was the easiest character to play and was also my first character that I bought mastery (not sure if thats what its called) for. Then I found that I got adicted to, for some reason. Maybe it was the interaction with many different people who have the same interests as me, or it was the fact that I could be helpfull for the community, "make a difference" I guess you could call it. Or maybe both. All I know is Im so happy that I found this app I cannot describe it. So many discussions, so many "friends" that I met... I miss it all nowadays tbh. I miss coming home and seing 2 posts per day (min.) And opening discussions with people, we would joke, have fun but most importantly, we would tell each other important information about the game. After I got to level 6 in mastery with khaimera I started maining sparrow as I liked the sound of her bow and arrow, her face (duh) and the fact that she could hit like a mother fucking truck if built right and mastered the precision. I just couldnt get over those facts lol but even tho she was my main I didnt get to play her as much because then I also decided to stop being stubborn and pick what I want, but to try and complete the team the best I could (I was awfull at it btw lmao I remember having all attack deck on greystone but I didnt remember it at the time so we were missing an offlaner and I chose greystone...yea you can imagine how an all attack greystone match turned out...) Honestly tho even tho I had so mnay bad days with playing paragon I only remember the best moments of it (almost..) then 2018 was going away and 2019 was basically at the front door about to knock on it. All the fuck ups we put up with, all the bugs, all those 100 hours queue's to enter the game, all those broken characters at theyr releases, all those people who would leave if they didnt get to play the new character (looking back at that, its hilarious) all the big changes to the gamplay as we knew it, forcing us to adapt to broken meta's everytime something new would get added because (I probably wont forget this any time soon) Cam said that they thought after an update it would be too soon to fix all the bugs and patch a broken hero for example a week after the update droped..-_- But we put up with it because we liked paragon too much. (At least the ones that truly cared about paragon). To top it all of they fucking lied to us with all those big promises, big ideas for 2019 biggest of them all was paragon was suposed to come out of beta in 2019 after 2 years of being in a beta shell. Surprise, it was all a coverup for the worst and realest news of them all, paragon was being shut down. Sorry for making this so long and ranting about mostly familiar stuff but, this is just what came to my mind. Have great day :)
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• 2/10/2019

Anyone know how to get an in to participate in the Alpha?

Also Dark Souls III is a beast, beat the game twice.
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• 2/7/2019


This is a 2000th post on this fandom. It is a milestone we all achieved. Unfortunately many that participated are gone because epic games has failed us, lied to us when we were most hyped EVER, never delivered what they promised at first and they all just got sick of it all when the game shut down. I guess by this post I just wanna salute everyone that is still here, thank you that you are still here and hope for the best for our next games.
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• 2/7/2019


Oh wait...
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• 2/7/2019

Now its 2k

I fucked up lol
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• 2/4/2019

I feel like there is noone here still but Sam

I know that Sam is still here but...what about other ppl? Rarely see anyone even post here (yes more rare than ever before)
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• 2/4/2019

Aye its here

There are 2 maps 1 is more paragon like and the second one is like standard, offlane and safe lane arent as wide out as our traditional map used to be
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• 2/3/2019

1 more day

1 day left boys cant wait to see it 😆😆
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• 2/2/2019


I stopped getting notifications from this app..dunno if its a bug or something else. I wish admins never abandoned the app all together because maybe they would know something. This fucking shit went 100-0 real quick and that really makes me sad
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• 2/1/2019


4 more days untill the private aplha boys

Watch BritikHD as he should be streaming that bih on twitch I will try to watch some aswell :)
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• 1/28/2019


Did you guys hear (im not quite sure when it happened) but it would appear that DODGE died
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• 1/28/2019

Ah fuck

A lightning just struk my cables and my router got fried it seems and I just unpluged all of that shit right away and now im praying that my fucking console didnt get still scared to plug it all back in and try to boot it...fingers crossed
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